Women and Children First


Fair Warning

Van Halen

1981 was the first year I really took an interest in music. To be fair, I wasn't listening to Van Halen and Ozzy and Judas Priest yet. But Joan Jett's I Love Rock 'n Roll was the first album I learned all the lyrics to and Foreigner's Juke Box Hero and Journey's Don't Stop Believin' were also in heavy rotation. I wasn't really aware of musical genres yet, but I was beginning to figure out what I liked. I liked Joan's attitude and her crunchy guitars (and her cover of Crimson and Clover!) and I loved Steve Perry's harmonies on Stone in Love or the soaring vocals of Lou Gramm, were awakening something in me, so those albums still hold a special place in my heart. But even though those records were starting me down a path, there weren't a lot of other albums in 1981 that stuck with me. It was still a struggle to fill a top 10 list. Eventually though, I would backtrack and find songs like Crazy Train, Unchained, Desert Plains, and Fire Down Under and things would change...

Back in Black


Blizzard of Ozz

Ozzy Osbourne

Heaven and Hell


Point of Entry

Judas Priest

British Steel




Animal Magnetism






I Love Rock 'n Roll

Joan Jett

Crimes of Passion


High 'n Dry

Def Leppard

On Through the Night


Fire Down Under


Ready 'n Willing




Iron Maiden


For Those About to Rock


“"In days of decision with conflict and visions,they burns a star Look to the sky for the answers that you need to know Start once again,rejecting all trends knowing who you are Your heart is renewed with the spirit that soon takes control...."”
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