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Musk Rat-Kangaroo
Hypsiprymnodon moschatus
RANGE: Australia: N.E. Queesland
HABITAT: rain forest
BODY: 9.25-13.25 in
TAIL: 5-6.75 in
Musk Rat-Kangaroo
The musk rat-kangaroo is a unique member of its family in two ways: first, it has a well-formed first digit, or thumb, on each hind foot, and second, it is the only kangaroo regularly to give birth to twins. It is also unusual in other respects; for example, it often moves around on four legs in the manner of a rabbit. Both male and female produce a pungent musky odor, but the reason for this is not known. Their diet includes a wide range of pant matter, from palm berries to root tubers, and they also eat insects and earthworms. Little is known of the social habits of the musk rat-kangaroos, but they seem to move singly or in pairs. The young re usually born in the rainy season (February to May), but this can vary.
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Rat information compliments of Macmillan Illustrated Animal Encyclopedia
Rat illustration by Graham Allen

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