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Naked Mole-Rat
Heteroephalus glaber
RANGE: Somalia, Ethiopia, N. Kenya
HABITAT: arid steppe, light sandy soil
BODY: 3.25-3.5 in
TAIL: 1.5 in
Naked Mole-Rat
This species, the smallest of its family, is one of the most curious mammals known. Each colony of about 100 rat is ruled by a queen, who alone breeds. She is tended to by a few non-workers of both sexes, which are fatter and more sluggish than the workers. The latter dig the burrows and gather the roots and tubers for the whole colony to eat. The queen appears to be able to inhibit sexual maturation in all other females, but how this is achieved is not known. She breeds throughout the year and may produce up to 20 young in each litter. If she dies or is removed, a non-worker female assumes her role.
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Rat information compliments of Macmillan Illustrated Animal Encyclopedia
Rat illustration by Graham Allen

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