Mats Leven

in the rathole

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Mats Leven

There are singers with great range and control - and there are singers with really distinctive voices. It is a rare breed that have both, and we are thrilled to have one of them singing for us on this album. I first heard Mats Leven over 25 years ago when he was the new singer on Yngwie's Facing the Animal album. And I have been following him ever since. Not only does Mats have an immediately recognizable delivery (a feat that is almost impossible in such a saturated market) but he has taken that voice from sleazy bar rock, to Neo-classical, to alternative industrial, to classic rock, to doom, to metal, to modern rock, to his solo Skyblood creation, to currently fronting the newest version of Vandenberg ... And to be THAT versatile while having such a unique sound is amazing to me, so when we were talking about who could step in amid all this amassed talent and not only deliver the songs, but really add something extra, it was a pretty short list. Luckily we had an in - (thanks again Johan!). Needless to say after listening to this guy sing for over 25 years, it's been a real treat for me to to hear him bring all that emotion into our songs.

“Blood will follow blood, Dying Time is here, Damage Incorporated”
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