Whitesnake/Northwinds cd cover

Coverdale, David


  1. Lady
  2. Blindman
  3. Goldie's Place
  4. Whitesnake
  5. Time On My Side
  6. Peace Lovin' Man
  7. Sunny Days
  8. Hole In The Sky
  9. Celebration
  10. Keep On Giving Me Love
  11. Northwinds
  12. Give Me Kindness
  13. Time And Again
  14. Queen Of Hearts
  15. Only My Soul
  16. Say You Love Me
  17. Breakdown

For the sake of the collection, maybe... But that's the only reason I can see getting this one. In all fairness, I didn't hear this album until the late 90's, so taken out of context from another era, it sounds dated to say the least. Coverdale's voice was strong even then, but the songs showed me a side of Dave I'm not sure I would've believed if I hadn't heard it myself. To tell you the truth, it's a side of him I'm not sure I needed to see. The similarities to Billy Joel in some spots are staggering. I heard what could have been a whole different future for Coverdale, but luckily fate had other plans for him. --Scott



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