Hey Stoopid cd cover

Cooper, Alice

Hey Stoopid

  1. Hey Stoopid
  2. Love's a Loaded Gun
  3. Snakebite
  4. Burning Our Bed
  5. Dangerous Tonight
  6. Might as Well Be On Mars
  7. Feed My Frankenstein
  8. Hurricane Years
  9. Little By Little
  10. Die For You
  11. Dirty Dreams
  12. Wind-Up Toy

Rock icon Alice Cooper made a tremendous comeback in 1989 with the album in Poison. The album while multiplatinum seemed in some regards to play away from Alice's strengths which are in the lyrics. A couple of years later, the Coop returned with a much stronger release called Hey Stoopid. It contains the commercial sense of Trash but the guitars are more rocking and Alice's dark humor returns. Standouts include Love's A Loaded Gun which reminds me of his older material, Might As Well Be On Mars, and Windup Toy which is a return to his unique brand of shockrock. Fans of great hard rock will love this one. --John Taylor



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