Up from the Ashes cd cover

Dokken, Don

Up from the Ashes

  1. crash 'n burn
  2. 1000 miles away
  3. when some nights
  4. forever
  5. living a lie
  6. when love finds a fool
  7. give it up
  8. mirror mirror
  9. stay
  10. down in flames
  11. the hunger

This was probably the single best, spin-off solo album to ever come out of a band split. I had been a big Dokken fan and was upset when they broke up. I had always assumed it was Georgeís great riffs and Donís sense of melody that made that band work and I was convinced that left to his own devices, Don would make a wimpy solo album filled with ballads. As it turns out, Don was the driving force behind the sound of Dokken. George was replaceable. I think nine out of ten Dokken fans would not have known that this wasnít Lynch playing guitar. Itís that good. To date, this ranks among the best of the Dokken albums. If you liked Dokken, you would like this cd. --Scott



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