Fields of Yesterday cd cover

Lillian Axe

Fields of Yesterday

  1. Death Valley Daze
  2. Do It
  3. Twilight In Hell
  4. For Crying Out Loud
  5. The Last Time
  6. Calm Before The Storm
  7. Pulling the Rats Out
  8. When It Rains
  9. Daddy Long Legs
  10. Blood On The Moon
  11. Kill Me Again
  12. Become A Monster
  13. * Throw You Away
  14. * Thirst

It's the thing to do these days. Dig up all of your old unreleased demo material, put it in a shiny new package and release it to the metal starved public. The difference with Fields of Yesterday, is that Lillian Axe leftovers are better than the best of most other bands. Spanning the period between Love & War and Poetic Justice, Lillian Axe cut enough songs to make an album. That's not particularly rare. Most bands record more songs than they use, but there's usually a good reason some get cut. That's not the case here. As far as I can tell, they just cut songs at random. This album can stand on it's own with their other albums, and none of the fans are going to be disappointed. --Scott




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