No Rules cd cover

Kik Tracee

No Rules

  1. Don't Need Rules
  2. Mrs. Robinson
  3. You're So Strange
  4. Trash City
  5. Hard Time
  6. Big Western Sky
  7. Generation Express
  8. Soul Shaker
  9. Tangerine Man
  10. Lost
  11. Velvet Crush
  12. Rattlesnake Eyes
    (Strawberry Jam)
  13. Romeo Blues
  14. Fade Dunaway

No Rules was an album that showed up too late for the party. In 1991 the metal scene was dying and Kik Tracee had missed the boat. An attitude driven, blues based hard rock band fronted by an unmistakably Axl inspired drawl, Kik Tracee managed to get a small foothold into the slippery music scene of the day based largely on Dana Strum's name attatched to the production duty and an old fashioned knack for writing good catchy Guns 'N Roses style songs. But even with the small loyal following that they built for themselves, it wasn't enough to save them from the anti-metal sentiment of the early 90's. They later put out an EP, but most people had already lost interst. --Scott



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“Never made much sense to me, why you kept on coming back. Was it curiosity, or love that killed the cat?”
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