Better Late Than Never cd cover

Perry, Mitch

Better Late Than Never

  1. Witch Doctor
  2. Believing In A Lie
  3. Money
  4. 45 Reasons
  5. Change Your Mind
  6. Let It Ride
  7. *Straight To My Heart
  8. *I Don't Want To Hear Your Heart Break
  9. *No Time For Cryin'
  10. *Leave It To The Law

More often then you would ever want to know, good bands break up before we ever even hear about them. That's what happened here. Not once, but twice. Mitch's solo cd treats us to the six songs he recorded with 7% Solution and the four he recorded with Badd Boyz. 7% Solution featured singer Ralph Saenz of L.A. Guns, The Atomic Punks and the fictional band Danger Kitty, while Badd Boyz was fronted by former Rough Cutt vocalist Paul Shortino. It's not great, but it was worth the wait and it definitely deserved to be released. This cd is a good addition to your collection. --Scott



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