On The Blue Side cd cover

Meniketti, Dave

On The Blue Side

  1. Man's World
  2. Angel On My Shoulder
  3. Baby Blues
  4. Take It Like A Man
  5. Mister Blister
  6. Can't Do Nothin' Right
  7. Say Goodbye
  8. Bad Feeling
  9. Parchman Farm
  10. Just Coastin'
  11. Loan Me A Dime
  12. Until The Next Time

The former lead singer and guitarist for the classic metal band Y&T has released a blistering album of blues. If the word "blues" makes you think of sad, depressing music... Forget it! This cd has something for everyone. Dave has a great voice and the guitar playing is simply amazing. Besides doing 3 cover songs the rest are all Meniketti originals including 3 instrumentals. Simply put, Dave is one talented musician, and has outdone himself with this release. Don't pass this one up!
-- Dan Pate


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“I pulled myself together. That took some time. Learned to sleep alone; still don't know why. We lost the battle, baby, surrendered to the word goodbye.”
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