Need to Believe cd cover


Need to Believe

  1. Shangri La
  2. Unspoken Words
  3. Need To Believe
  4. Unconditional Faith
  5. I Don't Mind
  6. Break Away
  7. Don't Let Me Down
  8. Right From Wrong
  9. I Know, You Know
  10. Rebel Soul
  11. Tears To Cry

If ever I had a complaint about Gotthard, it was their lack of use of backing vocals. They write really catchy songs, but frequently, even the chorus, is just Steve Lee. All alone. Recently they touched on some low key very subtle harmonies in the chorus, but this time, they finally put some emphasis on the back ups in the mix. They threw in two or three layers and used some nice some high harmonies. I think it's all still overdubs of Steve Lee, but the effect is the same. It really beefed up the choruses throughout the album and the songs sound better. That being said, Gotthard has delivered the goods again. They still write a disproportionate amount of slow and mid-tempo songs for any one cd, but their songs are good, the playing is great and the production is top notch. Their albums have been consistently solid and this one is no different. Gotthard remains a must-buy for any fan of melodic rock. It's a crime more people in the states don't know this band. --Scott



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“Now I believe that wishes can come true, 'cause I see my whole world, I see only you.”
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