Road To Ruin cd cover

Road To Ruin

Road To Ruin

  1. The Only One
  2. Pale Rider
  3. Face of an Angel
  4. Pleasure and Pain
  5. For Your Soul
  6. Walk the Line
  7. Thorn in My Side
  8. Crawling
  9. Until I See the Sun

This band received a lot of attention for their debut, but I have to say, I don't know why. I tried it several times and it just never managed to pique my interest. Even with only nine tracks there isn't a standout song in the bunch. I found the album as a whole to be boring and uninspired. The guitar riffs just plod along at the same tempo over and over like a tired old horse going nowhere. If there is a bright spot to be found, it would be in the vocals of Matti Alfonzetti. I think he did everything he could do, but frankly the best singing in the world wouldn't be able to save this album. It's not even that they are terrible songs, they are just predictable and dull. It's like an entire album of filler tracks. Songs that should have been cut from a better album. I guess if you really love 70's style rock ala old-school sabbath, rainbow or deep purple, this might fit that bill, but they've really brought nothing new or original to the table at all. I'd say pass on this one. --Scott




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“I hear you call, and I promise to you; one day, some day, the pain will go...”
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