The Unattractive Revolution cd cover


The Unattractive Revolution

  1. In the Raw
  2. Like a Sin
  3. Falling Rain
  4. I Don't Care
  5. Die Another Day
  6. Alone
  7. Thrill Me
  8. Overnight
  9. XTC Overdrive
  10. Bound to be Enslaved
  11. The Buried Song

The price on this one is a little high ( I think it's over $20 everywhere I've seen it for sale) but ... Wow. It's the cheapest time machine you're going to get. Pop this in your cd player and you instantly go back 20 years. I admittedly had not heard their critically acclaimed debut, (Rest in Sleaze) and frankly I was unaware that it had only come out a couple years ago. But with all hype of their former singer's suicide aside, I go back to my earlier statement ... Wow. I haven't heard anything this authentically sunset strip since 1989. And just LOOK at them for God's sake! It's like Alice Cooper, Nikki Sixx, Michael Monroe and Chris Holmes reincarnated. I know bands like the Darkness and Wig Wam got a lot of hype for doing this too, but I wasn't buying it when they did it. It looked like an act. Crashdiet seems to be sincere. And within that style they've crafted some really good songs. Mick Mars must have thought so too, because he was willing to lend his name and his guitar work to two tracks. I can't imagine a bigger stamp of 80's royalty approval than that. This obviously isn't going to be for everybody. Hell, it wasn't for everybody the first time around, but if you're one of the many who long for the look and sound of glam's hey-day, Nobody does it better than Crashdiet. --Scott




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“So carry it over the ocean with you, if only to show that they're fixed in your heart. Yeah carry it over the ocean and show them that all your devotion will never depart.”
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