Real To Reel <span class=small>DISC 2</span> cd cover


Real To Reel DISC 2

  1. All The Young Dudes
  2. Make It Last
  3. Shooting Star
  4. Not Fragile
  5. Street Fighting Man
  6. Is It My Body
  7. I Want To Take You Higher
  8. Do You Feel Like We Do
  9. Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers
  10. Saturday Night Special
  11. War Pigs

The good include All The Young Dudes, War Pigs (really rocks) and the awesome choice of Alice Cooper's Is It My Body (for the irony). Unfortunately Tesla have chosen to include a to the letter eleven minute version of Do You Feel Like We Do and their cover of Shooting Star may as well have just been the original Bad Co. recording. This record sounds really good but offers nothing new. This epidemic of good bands releasing covers albums is worse than the barrage of horrible tribute albums that were prevalent in years past. johnk5150



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