Waters Rising cd cover

Lillian Axe

Waters Rising

  1. Waters Rising
  2. Antarctica
  3. Become a Monster
  4. Quarantine
  5. I Have to Die, Goodbye
  6. Fear of Time
  7. Until the End of the World
  8. Fields of Yesterday
  9. Thirst
  10. The 2nd of May
  11. Deep in the Black
  12. 5

Since Lillain Axe called it quits (a couple times now) both Ron Taylor and Steve Blaze have started other projects and neither one has come close to the work they did together. They reunited briefly to cash in on a live cd, but the expected follow up never came. They hadn't released any studio work since 1993, so when Ron announced he was moving on (again) I thought that was the last we would hear of Lillian Axe. But it seems Steve wasn't ready to let it end yet. As the only original member left, carrying on the band name would be a big task. The band's sound was all about Steve's style and Ron's distinctive vocals. And even though Steve's sound is still there, (some amazing guitar playing here) and Derrick does a better Ron Taylor impression than I would have thought possible, the album doesn't quite live up to Lillian Axe standards. Strangely, it has nothing to do with the line-up changes. This SOUNDS like Lillian Axe. Derrick doesn't just sound like Ron, his harmonies and melodies are also eerily similar to the former frontman. In fact, if you didn't know any better you might think this was the original line-up ... but the songs just aren't quite as good. The slow songs and slow parts are right on, but some of the heavier songs just don't flow like you would expect from Lillian Axe. They are a little choppy and abrupt and just not quite finished sounding. The title track is really good, and there are some other really nice moments, but when you call it Lillian Axe, the bar is set pretty high and this falls a little short of the mark. I'd still say buy it ... just lower your expectations. --Scott




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