Domino Effect cd cover


Domino Effect

  1. Master of Illusion
  2. Gone Too Far
  3. Domino Effect
  4. Falling
  5. The Call
  6. The Oscar Goes to You
  7. The Cruiser
  8. Heal Me
  9. Letter to a Friend
  10. Tomorrow's Just Begun
  11. Come Alive
  12. Bad to the Bone
  13. Now
  14. Where Is Love When It's Gone

Gotthard has really returned to their original form here. Their last album, Lipservice, put them back on the right track, but this one puts them squarely back where they belong. These songs are built around a riff and an attitude. From the booming bass of the title track to the strings in the ballad Falling, this cd is just one well put together package of melodic rock. There is nothing ground-breakingly original on this disc (an observation critics love to throw at them), but their fans aren't looking for new -- they're looking for more. And that's what this is. 14 more songs of the rock that they are famous for. And when you're good at what you do and you're doing what you love, why should you have to change? With former rock band Bon Jovi heading towards the more lucrative money of the growing country audience, I say good ridance to them. If that's what evolution brings, I don't want it. Jon and Richie can stay in Nashville. I'll take Gotthard. --Scott




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“Ain't no big secret so forget all you heard Love ain't nothing but a four-letter word. For some it's for better, for some it's for worse Love ain't nothing but a four-letter word.”
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