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  1. Mercy
  2. Long, Long Way to Go
  3. Take Me Up
  4. The Burning Man
  5. Heaven's Hung in Black
  6. Heaven's Blessed
  7. Teacher
  8. Heaven's Hung in Black (Reprise)
  9. Deal With the Devil

It's been three years since W.A.S.P.'s last cd, but little if anything, has changed for Blackie. If you didn't like them before, this cd isn't going to do anything to change your mind, but if you like their sound -- And I DO -- then you won't have any complaints. Except maybe that it's too damn short. There are only nine tracks (Only three songs a year?) and one of them is a reprise! For some reason, on three of the last five cds, Lawless felt the need to re-record his favorite ballad in an only barely different arrangement and slap it on. That's fine for a bonus track or a b-side, but when you've only got 8 songs I'd rather you spend your time writing another one than tweaking your ballad ... again. It's a good ballad too, but come on ... leave it alone already. My annoyance is only because I waited three years for this cd. And seven of the eight songs are terriffic. This could have been one of his best albums. I mean it. It's that good. Really. Mercy, Teacher, The Burning Man ... Just top-notch stuff ... But after seven songs, he does a re-make of track five and then closes on an awful song that just had no business being on this cd. So here is what you should do. Buy this cd. It's great. Just know in advance that it is essentially a seven song EP and never play the last two tracks. --Scott



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“You say, it's true, I need a change in my attitude, well maybe I could express if I knew, it shouldn't make much difference to you. So I should take you to another place, and that would wipe the fear off my face. Well that's easier for you to say, 'cuz you don't have to deal like I do.”
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