Eat Your Heart Out cd cover

Teenage Casket Co.

Eat Your Heart Out

  1. Don't Look at Me Like That
  2. Cocaine
  3. Hatred
  4. Thank You for Nothing
  5. Believe In You
  6. Eat Your Heart Out

I don't think most people really understand what makes this kind of music work. On the surface, it would be easy to throw a lot of these bands into one category and say they are all the same, but this kind of glam, pop-rock requires a lot of work to appear effortless. It's hard to make it sound this easy. There have been a lot of bands in the last 20 years that said they want to bring back the 80s style and they always sounded slightly forced. Even some of the original 80s acts can't find their way back to that spark that ignited their careers. I think TCC is the first band to really get it right, in a long, long time. They have an energetic rhythm section and crunchy guitars with a singer that reminds me a little bit of Ron Keel, but the music has more of a punk energy with a rock sound blended into some really memorable songs ... There are only six tracks on this EP, but for those of you that like the Poison / Pretty Boy Floyd side of rock, this is the band to watch. --Scott



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“Oh oh, the highway runs so clear. Oh oh, the river from there to here. I'll tell you a story from the heart and from the bone, and I will tell you everything on the road home.”
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