Metal Will Stand Tall cd cover

Poodles, The

Metal Will Stand Tall

  1. Echoes From The Past
  2. Metal Will Stand Tall
  3. Night Of Passion
  4. Song For You
  5. Shadows
  6. Lie To Me
  7. Rockstar
  8. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
  9. Don't Give Up On Love
  10. Number One
  11. Kingdom Of Heaven
  12. Crying

Their whole look, logo and design is sort of circa 1984 and frankly, everytime a new band comes out trying to recreate the attitude of the Sunset Strip I just cringe. I don't think anybody has done it very well since the first time around and if you name your band after a froo-froo show-dog and cultivate a glam image, then you are going to be categorized as a style over substance band. So honestly? I didn't expect much from this cd. But I didn't realize veterans Jakob Samuel and Pontus Norgren were in this band either. So imagine how shocked I was when I saw that. And then I heard them ... wow! Far from the sugar-coated Poison pop-rock I was expecting, the Poodles delivered a solid rock album filled with mood and melody. Sort of a Shakra meets Helloween meets Lizzy Borden? Whatever it is, it's good. Totally guitar-driven rock with stellar production and huge hooks ... This band has the most cross-over appeal I've heard in a long time. I think almost any rock fan could find something they like about this cd. Buy it. --Scott




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