Wake Up To The Real World cd cover

Pretty Maids

Wake Up To The Real World

  1. Wake Up To The Real World
  2. All in the Name of Love
  3. I Am the End
  4. As Guilty As You
  5. Why Die for a Lie
  6. Such a Rush
  7. Where True Beauty Lies
  8. Brave Young New Breed
  9. Terminal Violence
  10. Perfect Strangers
  11. Another Shot of Your Love

This was a pleasant surpise for me. I have not really followed Pretty Maids since their Future World cd, so I didn't know what to expect. I am happy to report that this is a very solid rock release. It seems that these types of albums are fewer and farther between these days. In an attempt to be edgy, or heavy or technical, the good, straight-forward rock records are becoming increasingly rare. Atkins has played down the growl in his voice and emphasized a more pleasing, soulful delivery with his unique raspiness and high register. With very minimal use of keyboards, the songs are in-fact, very riff-oriented with memorable melodies, good hooks and a sound that reminds me (in a pleasantly surprising way) of Y&T. Rounding out the album is a noteworthy cover of Deep Purple's Perfect Strangers. Not my favorite song, but well done in a more listener friendly four and a half minute versionl. All in all, this cd is much better than I was expecting and definitely worth checking out. --Scott




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