Bust a Nut cd cover


Bust a Nut

  1. the gate/invited
  2. solution
  3. shine away
  4. try so hard
  5. she want she want
  6. need your lovin'
  7. action talks
  8. mama's fool
  9. cry
  10. earthmover
  11. alot to lose
  12. rubberband
  13. wonderful world
  14. games people play

This was a great album that just came out at a bad time for metal. In 1994, almost all of the metal bands had already broken up or gone into hiding, but Tesla came back with a vengeance. Bust a Nut was a fantastic cd, made more so by itís direct defiance of the musical landscape and the bandís uncompromising refusal to change their sound. Shine Away, Cry and Rubberband are always the songs I remember most, but this whole cd was pretty powerful. Unfortunately, even though Tesla never really fit into the superficial mold that many other 80ís metal bands were accused of, they were never the less victims of the same back lash. And poor sales and rumored problems within the band lead to Teslaís break-up shortly after. --Scott



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“There you lay, all by yourself, so please allow me to introduce myself. I welcome you to the house of sin. Open your mind, let the games begin...”
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