Sense Your Darkness cd cover


Sense Your Darkness

  1. Call Of Honor
  2. Throughout All Time
  3. I Fight Alone
  4. Dressed Up As God
  5. Through The Void
  6. Stand Up & Fight
  7. For Your Evil
  8. Make Me A Man
  9. The Empire Falls Again
  10. Sense Your Darkness

HEAVY! One word that can be used to describe the debut release from Kinrick. "Sense Your Darkness" is the latest Leviathan Records release and label guru David Chastain is to be commended for assembling the 4 members of this band to record this release. Vocalist Stephen Fredrick cut his teeth on the first several Firewind releases and is joined by former bandmate Stian Krsitoffersen (Firewind, Pagan's Mind) on drums and by bassist James Martin from Zanister. From lead track "Call Of Honor" you are treated to some melodic yet aggressive guitar riffage courtesy of Corbin King from Vainglory. The break-neck pace continues on "Throughout All Time" which sounds like it could have been a Chastain song from the "Ruler Of The Wasteland" era. Fredrick and King compliment each quite well trading thick riffs for strong-willed vocals. "I Fight Alone" takes on a more deliberate pace but still crushes with its heaviness. "Stand Up And Fight" along with post of the songs on the album possess a relentless attitude that is much different than most modern heavy metal albums you hear. While they don't sound similar at all, it is much the same attack that Prong employed. "The Empire Falls Again" storms through the speakers will an incredible intensity that is soon followed up by the slower, deliberate closer "Sense Your Darkness".



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“Tell me they lied, or tell me the truth for once. Take off your disguise and show me I'm not that blind.”
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