The Great Radio Controversy cd cover


The Great Radio Controversy

  1. hang tough
  2. lady luck
  3. heaven's trail (no way out)
  4. be a man
  5. lazy days crazy nights
  6. did it for the money
  7. yesterdaze gone
  8. makin' magic
  9. the way it is
  10. flight to nowhere
  11. love song
  12. paradise
  13. party's over

Having loved their first album, I was waiting at the record store the day this one came out. As most bands of the time, this cd went in a bluesier direction than their debut, which I wasnít crazy about. I didnít like Be a Man or The Way It Is, but Lady Luck, Hang Tough and pretty much everything else on side two was so good, that it made up for that. The way Paradise, starts slow and builds up speed was great, the guitar and hi-hat at the intro of Flight to Nowhere with that Journey style guitar solo was awesome and ending with the huge riff of Partyís Over was just fantastic. So even though I didnít like every song on this album, like I did on their first, I actually ended up liking this cd even more. --Scott



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