Fall cd cover



  1. Chains of Temptation
  2. Out of Control
  3. Take Me Now
  4. All or Nothing
  5. How it Feels
  6. Fall
  7. Walk on Water
  8. She's My Ecstasy
  9. Make it Alright
  10. Nightlife
  11. Do You Know
  12. Immortal

I love this group. I just really like their sound. They have a great distortion on their guitars, their rhythm section is really tight and the production is just ... crisp. Even with all of that though, what stands out is the singer. He is not a singer I would normally like. He's very raspy and seems to have some sort of accent. He actually sounds a lot like Andi Deris of Helloween. And that is not necessarily a compliment. Except that he, like Andi, knows exactly how to use that raspy voice to his advantage. It just fits the songs perfectly. In fact, I have trouble imagining any other voice singing these songs at all. And the songs are good. They have a lot of that classic 80s metal sound without sounding dated. They occasionally have just a touch of an almost progressive edge, but mostly the songs sound like a darker, updated XYZ. It's a tough thing to imagine, I know, but if you like Deris-era PC69 or even Accept, you should really check these guys out. Very solid disc! --Scott



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