Sleepwalk cd cover

Emerald Rain


  1. Can't Stop Bleeding
  2. Face in the Mirror
  3. It Ain't Over
  4. Sleepwalk
  5. I Never Knew
  6. Can't Recognize a Thing
  7. Everything is Broken
  8. See it in Your Eyes
  9. Torn in Two
  10. Miracle

Iíve read a lot of other reviews of this cd and as usual, none of the reviewers can agree if itís too commercial, or too heavy; too predictable or too experimental. Unfortunately, theyíre all right--and thatís just the first four songs! It starts badly. The guitar is disjointed and repetitive and the singing sounds flat. Track two is so syrupy sweet, itís almost like itís over-compensating for track one. This album lacks the really distinctive upbeat guitar riffs that have been so prevalent on their other cds. The good songs are all mid-tempo tracks relying solely on big vocal melodies. There are good parts here and there, a good verse with a bad chorus, or vice-versa, but mostly this cd is a mediocre mix of mismatched tracks. If I didnít know better, I would have thought this was a collection of outtakes. The songs just seem to be poorly thought out and all over the place this time. Pick up Harem Scaremís Overload instead. --Scott


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“What can you show for the strength that you gave? Sometimes the master becomes the slave...”
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