Year of the Cock cd cover

Big Cock

Year of the Cock

  1. Bad Motherfucker
  2. I Want it All
  3. Cinnamon
  4. King of Cool
  5. Carrie's in Love
  6. Mean Street Machine
  7. Take it Off
  8. Dynamite
  9. Hard to Swallow
  10. Old No. 7
  11. You Suck the Love Out of Me
  12. Year of the Cock
  13. Thank You, Good Night

Nothing subtle about this one, is there? Blatantly touting itís in your face attitude as a return to the glory days of party rock, this cd has got quite a bit of press since it came out. They arenít the first ones to try to fill that void, and Iím sure they wonít be the last, but they definitely got some attention for it. Does the cd back up the claim? Well, yes and no Ö The band is talented enough to make a viable cd in that vein of music, and with former Lynch Mob vocalist Robert Mason and former Lizzy Borden guitarist David Michael-Philips, they have enough name recognition and credibility to be taken seriously, unfortunately they arenít even taking themselves seriously. Musically and vocally, the band has recreated the sound of that 80s era, but lyrically Ö itís a spoof. Sure, itís kind of funny in places, but honestly, itís the kind of thing you play once or twice, you play it for a friend, you laugh, and then you stick it on a shelf. Personally, I wish they would have tried to make a good album instead of a funny one. It would have lasted a little longer in my stereo. So, Year of the Cock? Probably more like week of the cock. --Scott


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