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  1. Dopamine
  2. Wasted Again
  3. Saviour of the Real
  4. Resolution Song
  5. Grace
  6. Deep Inside a Shell
  7. What You're Living For
  8. Face Your Fear
  9. The Spell
  10. I Go Insane

I was really excited when I heard about this cd because I loved the DEP Sessions EP. Unfortunately, even though that one had only been released as sort of a rough mix of old ideas, I think those songs were just better. Thatís not to say this one is bad. In fact, there is an amazing group of songs right in the middle of this cd. The 3 tracks Grace, Deep Inside a Shell and What Youíre Living For are more than enough reason to justify this purchase. But mostly this cd is about the singing. Hughes proves again that he is one of the premiere singers of our time, blending soul with rock in a way that I donít think anyone else can and delivering some fantastic harmonies along the way. Despite a few lumbering riffs and a couple of songs that donít seem to go anywhere, I still have to recommend this cd to anyone who appreciates great singing. --Scott



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“May you never know this darkness, may you never be so blind, may you always know the peace that I could never seem to find.”
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