The Essential <font size=1>DISC 1</font> cd cover

Iron Maiden

The Essential DISC 1

  1. Paschendale
  2. Rainmaker
  3. The Wicker Man
  4. Brave New World
  5. Futureal
  6. The Clansman
  7. Sign of the Cross
  8. Man on the Edge
  9. Be Quick or Be Dead
  10. Fear of the Dark
  11. Holy Smoke
  12. Bring Your Daughter ... To the Slaughter
  13. The Clairvoyant

Cashing in on the biggest name on their roster, Sanctuary has issued The Essential Iron Maiden. A double-disc greatest hits collection. It is, what it is. Nothing fancy or special here, even the packaging is boring. Claiming to be the Essential Maiden collection, I find it very odd that this is the only release out of more than two-dozen that doesnít display the bandís essential mascot Eddie on the cover. As a compilation though, it does itís job, gathering notable songs from all of their albums and all three singers. This cd is probably geared to the new fan, looking to get all of the hits without spending a lot of money, but itís not something you need if you already have all of their cds. --Scott


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