Contraband cd cover

Velvet Revolver


  1. Sucker Train Blues
  2. Do it for the Kids
  3. Big Machine
  4. Illegal i Song
  5. Spectacle
  6. Fall to Pieces
  7. Headspace
  8. Superhuman
  9. Set Me Free
  10. You Got No Right
  11. Slither
  12. Dirty Little Thing
  13. Loving the Alien

I didnít have particularly high hopes for this cd. I have never been a fan of the Stone Temple Pilots or Slashís Snakepit and I figured this to land somewhere in between. And actually it sort of does I suppose. You canít ignore Weilandís voice or Slashís distinctive style of playing, but they did manage to create something uniquely separate from their previous identities. I imagine if Guns N' Roses hadnít imploded, this might even be the direction they would eventually have gone. Regardless of the inevitable GNR shadow this band will forever live in, they did manage to carve out their own sound to put together some pretty good songs and while they arenít GNR, this is as close as youíre going to get to a reunion. --Scott



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