Hellfire Club cd cover


Hellfire Club

  1. Mysteria
  2. The Piper Never Dies
  3. We Don't Need A Hero
  4. Down to the Devil
  5. King of Fools
  6. Forever
  7. Under the Moon
  8. Lavatory Love Machine
  9. Rise of the Morning Glory
  10. Lucifer in Love
  11. Navigator
  12. The Spirit Will Remain

I still donít understand the bandís name at all, but with a half-dozen cds under their belts, German rockers Edguy have really cemented themselves as one of the most consistent and uncompromising metal bands of the last decade. With a sound akin to Keeper era Helloween and classic Maiden, Edguy have taken the metal torch and run with it. Hellfire Club doesnít stick as close to the euro-metal formula as some of their previous cds, but their gambles all pay off marvelously on this cd. Relying less on the harmonized guitars and galloping rhythms so common in this genre, they used some simpler riffs and even brought in some Deep Purple style Hammond organs that I normally, hate, but they managed to make it all work. Buy this cd. --Scott



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