Here Come The Brides cd cover

Brides of Destruction

Here Come The Brides

  1. Shut The Fuck Up
  2. I Don't Care
  3. I Got A Gun
  4. Two Times Dead
  5. Brace Yourself
  6. Natural Born Killers
  7. Life
  8. Revolution
  9. Only Get So Far

Featuring Nikki Sixx and Tracii Guns, BOD comes out of the gates with quite a rock pedigree, but despite their obvious roots in the LA metal scene, this is not your average 80s band. With only nine tracks and a raw sound, it has more of the punk edge that Nikki has always craved, but whether itís his own instinct, or someone else in the band there is still a strong pop sensibility to most of the tracks. Unfortunately, some of the songs get a little noisy in places, but I guess thatís the Destruction part. New frontman London has a great voice when heís not screaming and when they arenít trying to live up to their name BOD put together some really catchy songs, like Brace Yourself and Life, but none more so than the last track, Only Get So Far. If they werenít already typecast as 80s guys, this might have even done well on the radio. --Scott



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