Black Utopia cd cover

Sherinian, Derek

Black Utopia

  1. The Fury
  2. The Sons of Anu
  3. Nightmare Cinema
  4. Stony Days
  5. StarCycle
  6. Axis of Evil
  7. Gypsy Moth
  8. Sweet Lament
  9. Black Utopia

This album is more about the music than it is about the keyboards. Itís about his writing as much as it is about his playing. And itís about finding musicians good enough to play what he had written. The music is more riff oriented than you would expect from a keyboard guyís solo album, but thatís what Iím saying. It wasnít about him, it was about the songs, and the songs are actually really good. Itís not the usual neo-classical fare you would expect from an instrumental cd and itís not the jazz fusion fest that I was afraid it would be. Itís sort of like a heavy Satriani or MacAlpine with some of the more recent Savatage stuff thrown in and overall it just really works. --Scott


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“How many lies can you tell to hide an error? How many smiles can you practice in the mirror? Where are you now that I'm asking for a reason? How many tears, tell me, how many tears will fall?”
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