A Flame to the Ground Beneath cd cover

Lost Horizon

A Flame to the Ground Beneath

  1. Transdimensional Revelation
  2. Pure
  3. Lost in the Depths of Me
  4. Again Will the Fire Burn
  5. The Song of Earth
  6. Cry of a Restless Soul
  7. Think Not Forever
  8. Highlander (The One)
  9. Deliverance

Lost Horizon is without a doubt the best power metal band in the world today. If you like this kind of music there simply isn’t a better group. You have to get this cd. No one else is doing it this well. No one else is even close. With the release of only their second album, this band has already far surpassed every band I’ve seen them compared to. They’ve proven themselves on back to back releases as the new kings of this genre. They ought to teach a course. And all of the other power metal bands better pay attention because they are getting left behind. --Scott



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