Star Box cd cover

REO Speedwagon

Star Box

  1. In Your Letter
  2. Take It On The Run
  3. Don't Let Him Go
  4. Keep On Loving You
  5. Keep The Fire Burnin'
  6. I Don't Wanna know
  7. Can't Fight This Feeling
  8. Love Is A Rock
  9. In My Dreams
  10. Here With Me
  11. Roll With The Changes
  12. Keep Pushin'
  13. Back In My Heart Again
  14. Ridin' The Storm Out
  15. One Lonely Night
  16. All Heaven Broke Loose
  17. Half Way

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“You can run and hide, wait for better times until the dark clouds pass by and you hear no more cries. You can tell more lies, pretend that no one dies and just think happy thoughts. Close your eyes and wish for a miracle...”
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