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Cheap Trick

Silver DISC 1

  1. Aint' That A Shame
  2. I Want You To Want Me
  3. Oh, Candy
  4. That 70's Song
  5. Voices
  6. If You Want My Love
  7. She's Tight
  8. Can't Stop Falling Into Love
  9. Gonna Raise Hell
  10. I Can't Take It
  11. Take Me To The Top
  12. It All Comes Back To You
  13. Tonight It's You
  14. Time Will Let You Know
  15. World's Greatest Lover

A perfect anthology that covers the bands ENTIRE catalogue as well as the essence of seeing a CT show live. It's great to hear some old favorites done acoustic or with special guests. Most of all, it's great to just hear the old favorites live again. --JK



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“And I'll be with you and never let you go. My heart cries out, I've got to let you know that I'm still in love with you.”
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