Let Them Eat Pussy cd cover

Nashville Pussy

Let Them Eat Pussy

  1. Snake Eyes
  2. You're Goin' Down
  3. Go Motherfucker Go
  4. I'm the Man
  5. All Fucked Up
  6. Johnny Hotrod
  7. 5 Minutes to Live
  8. Somebody Shoot Me
  9. Blowin' Smoke
  10. First I Look at the Purse
  11. Eat My Dust
  12. Fried Chicken and Coffee

This is a band from Georgia that prides itself on being thoroughly fucked up. Blaine Cartwright is the vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and songwriter. His wife, Ruyter Suys, plays lead and joins Nancy Wilson and Lita Ford as one of a small handful of female lead guitarists in metal (though Suys is hardly in the same class as Wilson or Ford). A 6'3" blonde female with a penchant for fire-breathing named Corey Parks is on bass, and a guy named Jeremy Thompson is on drums. Basically, if you can envision a bastard child of Motorhead and Lynyrd Skynyrd, you have Nashville Pussy down. These are extreme brutal riffs which bring to mind hardcore bands like Hatebreed or, for those of you from the old school, The Plasmatics. NP doesn't have a whole ton of talent, but they don't give a shit and neither do their fans. This would be good to piss off your parents (check out the album cover!) or to rock out to in a mosh pit. --Anonymous



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