Be Aware of Scorpions cd cover


Be Aware of Scorpions

  1. No Turning Back
  2. My Time's Up
  3. Fallen the Love
  4. Because I Can
  5. How Will You Get Back
  6. Blinded By Technology
  7. Age of Ice
  8. Standin' on the Road
  9. Sea of Memory
  10. On Your Way
  11. Reflection of Your Heart
  12. Roll It Over *
  13. Eyes of a Child

Itís got just a terrible cover design and Schenker is sporting a big Grizzly Adams style beard. I didnít hold out much hope that it would be any good, but I popped it into my cd player and wow. The first four songs are fantastic. I was stunned. It has a great Badlands or Lynch Mob sound and I really liked it. Now, in all honesty, those four songs are the best on the cd, but still itís a hell of an eye opening beginning. The album has thirteen tracks so there is some filler stuff on here, but I must say that the overall vibe is pretty solid. The band plays really well together and the production is nice. All in all, this was a pleasant surprise for me. --Scott



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“We all lose our innocence, it's impossible to hold, I didn't know it then, I had a pocket full of gold”
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