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Live Evolution DISC 1

  1. NM 156
  2. Walk in the Shadows
  3. Roads to Madness
  4. The Lady Wore Black
  5. London
  6. Screaming in Digital
  7. Take Hold of the Flame
  8. Queen of the Reich
  9. I Remember Now
  10. Revolution Calling
  11. Spreading the Disease
  12. Requiem
  13. Spreading the Disease (part II)
  14. The Mission
  15. Suit Sister Mary
  16. I Don't Believe in Love
  17. Eyes of a Stranger

I donít see any real point in going into great detail about these songs. If you are familiar with the band then you know the songs. What I will say however is that the recording is very good, with a clean mix. Live Evolution is a nice reminder of what this band is capable of and I really hope they can find their way back to make a solid consistent new studio album. I donít need another Operation Mindcrime, but an Empire or even a Rage for Order would be nice. Only time will tell, I guess, but I look forward to seeing what the future brings, and watching (and hearing) the further evolution of Queensryche. --Scott
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