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RePlugged Live DISC 1

  1. Cumin' Atcha Live
  2. Ez Come Ez Go
  3. Hang Tough
  4. Gettin' Better
  5. The Way It Is
  6. Song and Emotion
  7. Changes
  8. Call It What You Want
  9. Lazy Days, Crazy Nights
  10. We're No Good Together

Replugged Live is a great 20-track compilation of some of Teslaís best and most successful songs. The selection is good and the pacing is even. The production is clean and the band is really on. If I didnít know better, Iíd say these guys had never stopped playing together. To be honest, I didnít really have very high expectations for this cd, but there is a kind of magic between these five, and the years apart did nothing to change that. This is a return of one of rockís truly great bands. If this cd does nothing else, it reminds us of the power this band had when they were together, and the power they could hold still, if they can keep it together. --Scott     Click here to see DISC 2



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“When faith in saviours turns to doubt, and dreams just seem so far away, don't look back on your failures, don't you ever lose your hope. In a world of saviours you've got nothing but your own heart and soul to bear your crosses if you stumble on the way.”
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