Unleashed cd cover



  1. Right Between Your Lies
  2. Don't
  3. I Don't Care
  4. I Will Be There
  5. A Single Reason
  6. Rule The Night
  7. You're Taken Me Down
  8. Let It Out
  9. Spit It Out
  10. Set Me Free
  11. Suicide

Arguably the most distinctive voice in rock today, Leven has jumped from project to project for the last few years, his unmistakable voice leaving itís mark on each song and his name in the credits is always a sure a sign of quality. His latest work in Dogface is very similar to his early work with Treat. Dogface has a very solid rhythm section, an organ player who managed to make his instrument fit well into each and every song and an extremely versatile guitarist who shows an impressive range of style and skill. The music is a similar classic, barroom style rock, but the album really has a deeper significance to it. Sort of an understated intelligence, like the last Westworld cd. --Scott



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“Fading light, broken hearts, I left them all behind. Turned to stone, I chose to roam the wild world.”
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