High Octane cd cover

Cult, The

High Octane

  1. In the Clouds
  2. She Sells Sanctuary
  3. Fire Woman
  4. Lil' Devil
  5. Spiritwalker
  6. The Witch
  7. Revolution
  8. Coming Down
  9. Love Removal Machine
  10. Rain
  11. Edie (Ciao Baby)
  12. Heart of Soul
  13. Star
  14. Wild Flowers
  15. Resurrection Joe
  16. Wild Hearted Son
  17. Sweet Soul Sister
  18. Beauty's on the Street

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“I've got money, but just never enough. Gave you a brand new car and now you want a truck. Oh you're so hard to please, I sweat bullets, while you freeze. Baby I can't do nothing right by you...”
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