Lights Out on the Playground cd cover

Baton Rouge

Lights Out on the Playground

  1. slave to the rhythm
  2. full time body
  3. tie you up
  4. desperate
  5. tokyo times
  6. vampire kiss/the midge II
  7. the price of love
  8. dreamin' in black & white
  9. down by the torchlight
  10. light at the end of the tunnel
  11. tear down the walls
  12. hotter than hell

Largely received as a disappointment among fans, their second cd lacks the impact of their debut. It has all of the same band members, songwriters and producers, but the final product doesnít measure up. It sounds flatter, the guitar sound isnít as rich and quite simply, with the exception of track one, the songs arenít as good. The one interesting note about this album is their producer Jack Ponti had also co written songs with Babylon A.D. a couple of years earlier and so Baton Rouge ended up covering the Babylon A.D. song Desperate. Iím not saying itís any better, but itís a good cover and reinforces the idea of Jack Ponti as a sort of sixth member of the band. --Scott



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