W.O.W. cd cover

Wendy O. Williams


  1. I Love Sex (and Rock 'n' Roll)
  2. It's My Life
  3. Priestess
  4. Thief in the Night
  5. Opus in Cm7
  6. Ready to Rock
  7. Bump and Grind
  8. Legends Never Die
  9. Ain't None of Your Business

In 1983, The Plasmatics split. Vocalist Wendy O. Williams was approached by Gene Simmons of KISS, who was a big fan, and volunteered to produce a solo album. She agreed, and the result has often been called "the lost KISS album," because Simmons and Stanley co-wrote some songs, plus several former and then-present members of KISS play here. The result is a more melodic sound and slower drum beat than Wendy's usual "I can't play this guitar so let me chainsaw it in half and amplify the saw too" approach to rock. Of course, Wendy would quickly abandon this approach on future records and she would go on to pioneer speed-metal.


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