Sons of Society cd cover


Sons of Society

  1. Snake Charmer
  2. On the Wings of Life
  3. Sons of Society
  4. Twist of Fate
  5. Bad Machine
  6. Cover Me
  7. Dragonfire
  8. The Law
  9. Time to Bleed
  10. Somewhere
  11. Promises

After a few albums with the band, Mike Dimeo has finally hit his full stride. While musically there are some really nice things happening on this record, it’s Dimeo’s vocals that really sell it. With a controlled raspiness and soulful delivery, similar to Joe Lynn Turner or Black Sabbath‘s Eric Martin, Dimeo’s performance really takes this cd to the next level. Dimeo’s “old school” singing also gives the band a closer link to their pre-Thundersteel sound, giving this cd something for both new fans and old. Plus as an added bonus, Tony Harnell does some guest back-up work. So if you are a Riot fan from any era, or just a fan of straight forward metal, I highly recommend this disc. --Scott



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“We are banished and this might be the end.”
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