Fallen Angel cd cover

Hersey, Iain Ashley

Fallen Angel

  1. License to Kill
  2. Goin' Down and Dirty
  3. Distant Memories
  4. Steeple Chase
  5. Into the Fire
  6. Over My Head
  7. No Stranger
  8. Tangled Web
  9. Oceans of Time
  10. Hold On
  11. On the Edge
  12. Moriah

Iain is a fantastic guitar player, effortlessly switching from blues to jazz to rock and making it all fit together which isnít as easy as it might sound, but I canít seem to shake the feeling that this cd sounds about twenty-five years old. Itís not the production, because thatís pretty clean and tight, but something about the guitar sound and the constant use of keyboards seems to put it right in the mid-seventies somewhere. The whole album gives off a vibe of Coverdale era Deep Purple, the Joe Lynn Turner years of Rainbow, and maybe a little bit of early Foreigner. If you like that kind of stuff, I guarantee that you will like this cd. --Scott


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“Is there something I'm supposed to learn from all the lies and pain? Like angels fall from heaven with every drop of rain...”
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