Grand Design cd cover

Damned Nation

Grand Design

  1. Stonecold Woman
  2. Hiding from the World
  3. Heart on the Run
  4. Fortune-teller
  5. Desperate Call
  6. Eyes of a Stranger
  7. Hands of Time
  8. Going Crazy
  9. Scream of Anger
  10. Love Reaction
  11. Dance in Darkness

A grand effort from the Damned... This cd reminds me very much of the popular self-titled debut from XYZ. Damned Nation has a similar Dokken influence thatís apparent in the riff-oriented writing, but brings a unique element with their singerís voice. With a good blend of textures throughout the album, there is a very balanced feeling to each song and the album as a whole, and the attention to detail is pretty amazing. The song structuring is fantastic throughout the cd and the production is crisp and tight. When you have a band where all members are just putting forth 110% like these guys you end up with a cd as good as this one. --Scott



Average Visitor Rating8.5
“You stood apart from all the rest, but that never made you any less. Alone my friend, you no more will be. It's the gathering of the freaks.”
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