Capitol Punishment cd cover


Capitol Punishment

  1. Kill the King
  2. Dread & The Fugitive Mind
  3. Crush 'Em
  4. Use the Man
  5. Almost Honest
  6. Trust
  7. A Tout Le Monde
  8. Train of Consequences
  9. Sweating Bullets
  10. Symphony of Destruction
  11. Hangar 18
  12. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
  13. In My Darkest Hour
  14. Peace Sells

The way I understand it, for one reason or another, Dave Mustaine was either not given an option to renew his contract with Capitol, or was not happy with the offer he was given. Either way, he owed them one more album and rather than entrust a label he felt was unsupportive of his work to promote his newest material, he simply closed up shop and gave them ďCapitol Punishment.Ē I donít know if thatís true, but thatís the way I heard it, and itís more interesting than a review of a greatest hits effort. As far as the cd goes, itís a good selection of his most recognizable work with a couple of new tracks that sounded suspiciously like leftovers from several years ago. --Scott


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