Angelfire cd cover



  1. Nations
  2. Shaman
  3. Beyond the Pain
  4. Until the End of Time
  5. Angelfire
  6. Heaven Sent
  7. Julia
  8. Bound for Glory
  9. Run
  10. Waiting for Godot
  11. Remember
  12. Saving Grace
  13. The Color of Night
  14. Hide Behind My Face
  15. Dawn

This was the first cd I heard by Millenium, but Iíll be doing some backtracking. This is one power-packed, 15-track cd. With glossy production, great guitar playing and some phenomenal layered vocals. This cd rocks. I was disappointed to hear that the singer left after this album, but I look forward to his solo work as well as to the new Millenium album with new singer Jorn Lande. In the mean time though, I highly recommend this cd. I have trouble finding comparisons for it, but Iíll try by saying itís sort of a cross between Whitesnake, TNT and House of Lords. Itís clean and tight, and very melodic but heavier than most bands that are described that way. Buy this oneÖ --Scott



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“There's nothin' great about a heartache. There's nothing that I wanna learn from all this pain. And I'd rather not feel love, than to have to feel this way; like I'm dying, you've all been lying, 'cause there's nothin' great about a heartache.”
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