Bring 'em Out Live cd cover


Bring 'em Out Live

  1. Intro
  2. Overnight Sensation
  3. All She Wrote
  4. Lover's Lane
  5. Hold Your Fire
  6. Dream
  7. When I Look Into Your Eyes
  8. Acid Rain
  9. Bringing Me Down
  10. Don't Walk Away
  11. Love of a Lifetime
  12. Reach for the Sky
  13. I Live My Life for you
  14. Here For You
  15. Don't Treat Me Bad

Their style continues to stray further from their debut with each cd, yet their live set, ten years later, still includes half of the tracks from that album. They play all of their heaviest songs, all of their ballads and 3 from their latest cd, one of which was a ballad. For the record, when you open with debut material, and your encore is debut material, chances are people want to hear you play music in the style of your debut album. As for this cd, the band is tight and the production is clean, so if you liked Firehouse’s live show in 1992, then you’ll like this cd. They know what people want to hear when they’re on stage, apparently just not when they're in the studio.--Scott



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“Your runnin' down the alley with your shoes untied, trippin on your way to a homicide. Words hit the street and it's givin me the blues I won't be your front page news.”
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