Hanoi Rocks

The Best of Hanoi Rocks

  1. Strange Boys Play Weird Openings
  2. Malibu Beach
  3. Loves an Injection
  4. Lost in the City
  5. Until I get You
  6. Eleventh Street Kids
  7. Motorvatin'
  8. Don't Follow Me
  9. Back to Mystery City
  10. Taxi Driver
  11. Oriental Beat
  12. Don't Never Leave Me (Live)
  13. Visitor
  14. Tragedy (Live)
  15. Under My Wheels (Live)

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Average Visitor Rating8.0
“"In days of decision with conflict and visions,they burns a star Look to the sky for the answers that you need to know Start once again,rejecting all trends knowing who you are Your heart is renewed with the spirit that soon takes control...."”
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